Accumax (cat no: AM105-500)
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Accumax (cat no: AM105-500)

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Cat. No.: AM105-500
Size: 500ml
Storage:  -20°C

Powerful but gentle cell dissociation solution, Accumax

Accumax is a natural enzyme mixture for tissue dissociation, cell counting and dissolving cell clumps. Accumax directly replaces trypsin and collagenase.

Features of Accumax

  • Natural enzyme mixture with proteolytic and collagenolytic enzyme activity
  • Works gently and promptly
  • Dissociates tissue
  • Increases accuracy of manual or automated cell counts
  • Used to dissolve neuronal and prostate spheroids
  • Removes cells from 3-D matrixes
  • Removes cells from hollow fiber cell reactors
  • Extends the sort time of clumpy cell on a sorting flow cytometer
  • Non-mammalian and non-bacterial components contained
  • Ready to use format (prepared by Dulbecco's PBS)
  • No need to be neutralized when passaging adherent cells
Data of Accumax

Representative cell aliquots were treated with an equal volume of PBS (control) or Accumax and incubated for 5 minutes at 37℃. Cell number was then counted with a Cell Counter Machine. Improved cell counts were obtained when using Accumax, by efficient cell dissociation of clumped cells.

Overview of Protocol for Increasing Reproducibility of Cell Counting

  1. Harvest a representative sample of clumped cells to be counted (0.5 or 1.0 ml) and place in a 12 x 75 mm tube.
  2. Add an equal volume of Accumax to the sample of cells, and incubate for 5-10 minutes at room temperature.
  3. Count the cells by normal procedure.
    * Note that the cells have been diluted an extra 2 fold.

Tested Cell Lines of Accumax

hESCs vascular smooth muscle cells primary chick embryo neuronal cells HeLa NT2
bone marrow stem cells vascular endothelial cells immortalized mouse testicular germ cells 293 COS
hepatocyte progenitors hepatocytes M24 and A375 metastatic melanoma MG63 Sf9
fibroblasts macrophages gliomas U251 and D54 3T3 Vero
keratinocytes HT1080 fibrosarcoma cells adherent CHO and BHK cells L929  

Difference between Accutase and Accumax

  Accutase Accumax
Enzyme Activity Normal Strong
Reaction Stopping / Neutralizing Not Required Not Required
Animal and Bacterial Component Not Contained Not Contained
Phenol Red Contained Not Contained

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