Anti-4F2 Heavy Chain, Rat, Rabbit-Poly<Anti-CD98> (Cat.No.KE028)
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Anti-4F2 Heavy Chain, Rat, Rabbit-Poly<Anti-CD98> (Cat.No.KE028)

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Anti-4F2 Heavy Chain, Rat, Rabbit-Poly <Anti-4F2hc> <Anti-CD98>
Cat. No. KE028
Store at -20°C
Size- 25µg
Antigen- Rat 
Host Animal- Rabbit 
Cross Reactivity- Rat 
Application- IHC, Western Blot 
Purification- APu



Mammalian amino acid transport system is consisted of large variety of transporters, with the reflection of amoino acid molecule variety, and is classfied into various transport systems by the transportative substrate selectivity and the Na+ dependence with the reflection of amino acid molecule variety. 4F2 heavy chain(4F2hc:CD98)is originally identified as a cell-surface antigen which is upregulated by lymphocyte activation, and is a single memblane-spanning protein, of which molecular weight is under 85-kDa .The transporter corresponds to the amino acid transporter, system L, y+ L, Xc, and asc, which requires 4F2hc for its functional expression. 4F2hc and its associated transporters are linked via disulfide band to form heterodimeric complexes. 4F2hc is present at cell membrane in blood vessel side of epitherliocyte, and transports its associated transporters to cell membrane of blood vessel in epitherliocyte. This antidody has been proved to be useful for immunohistochemistry and immunoblotting. Considering the peptide amino acid sequence, this antibody also seems to react with mouse 4F2hc.



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