Anti-Androgen Receptor, Human, Mouse-Mono (Cat. No PP-H7507-00)
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Anti-Androgen Receptor, Human, Mouse-Mono (Cat. No PP-H7507-00)

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Anti-Androgen Receptor, Human, Mouse-Mono
Cat. No PP-H7507-00
Size: 100ul
Storage: -20C
Antigen: Human
Host Animal: Mouse
Cross Reactivity: Human/Rat
Application: ELISA, IHC
Label: Unlabled 
Purification: Pu
Clone: H7507



Funakoshi Newsletter (vol.71)  <Monoclonal Antibodies to 48 Human Nuclear Receptors>




Nuclear hormone receptors are a family of 48 intracellular receptors. Lipid-soluble ligand bound receptors

move to the nucleus to function as transcriptional activators, associating with other general transcription factors.

This regulates gene expression related to various metabolic pathways.

Malfunctions in nuclear hormone receptor signaling pathways caused by an individuals' habits can lead

to a variety of life-style related diseases, such as type II diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, and

circulatory disorders.


Perseus Proteomics Inc.'s mouse monoclonal antibodies have high affinity and specificity for nuclear receptors.

All antibodies are validated by reactivity with proteins from full length cDNA expressed in mammalian cells.



・ Raised in Perseus Proteomics Inc.

・ Validated by full length proteins

・ Application : ELISA and Western Blot

   Some antibodies can be used for immunohistochemistry (IHC)

・ Reactivity : Human (Some antibodies crossreact with rat or mouse) 


■ Androgen Receptor


#PP-H7507-00 Anti-Androgen Receptor, Human, Mouse-Mono(H7507) <Anti-AR>


Human Prostate Gland (Paraffin Section)


■ Estrogen Receptor


#PP-H4624-00 Anti-Estrogen Receptor α, Human, Mouse-Mono(H4624) <Anti-ERα>

Human Uterus Endometrial Epithelium (Paraffin Section)


#PP-H5844-00 Anti-Estrogen-Related Receptor α, Human, Mouse-Mono(H5844) <Anti-ERRα>

Human Heart Myocardium (Paraffin Section)




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