Anti-CD40 antibody, mouse monoclonal (5C3),Biotin conjugated
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Anti-CD40 antibody, mouse monoclonal (5C3),Biotin conjugated

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Anti-CD40 antibody, mouse monoclonal (5C3),Biotin conjugated

Cat. No. 72-031

Store at -20°C

Size 50µg

Host Animal- Mouse

Label- Biotin

Clone- 5C3




CD40 is a 45-50-kDa glycoprotein belonging to the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor superfamily. CD40 is specifically expressed on the surface of B cells and specialized antigen-presenting cells such as dendritic cells and macrophages. CD40 interacts with the CD40 ligand (CD154) which is found primarily on T cells, playing a role in both humoral and cell-mediated immune responses. Activation of CD40 on B cells by CD40 ligand causes B cell proliferation, differentiation, immunoglobulin isotype switching, germinal center formation, and stimulation of the humoral memory response. This antibody reacts with a 45-48 kDa type I integral membrane glycoprotein that is present on peripheral blood and tonsillar B cells, but not expressed on terminally differentiated B cells. The antibody against human CD40 was produced from hybridoma (5C3) cultured in serum-free medium and purified under mild conditions by proprietary chromatography processes.

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