Anti-Ccd 1, Rabbit-Poly

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Anti-Ccd 1, Rabbit-Poly

Cat. No. KM107

Store at -20°C

Size 25µg

Antigen- B. Rerio

Host Animal- Rabbit 

Cross Reactivity- Brachydanio rerio

Application- IC, Western Blot


Purification- APu




The novel zebrafish protein Ccd1 (Coiled-coil-DIX1) possesses a C-terminal DIX (Dishevelled-Axin) domain as well as an N-terminal coiled-coil domain. The DIX domain proteins Ccd1, Axin, and dishevelled (Dvl / Dsh) are important in Wnt signaling. Ccd1 forms a heteromeric complex with Axin and Dvl/Dsh and regulates neural patterning through Wnt pathway activation. The antibody presented here reacts with the coiled-coil domain of the Ccd1 isoforms Ccd1A, Ccd1B, Ccd1C. (Brain Res Mol Brain Res., 2005 Apr 27; 135(1-2):169-80). 

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