Anti-Centrin 1, Rabbit-Poly (Cat. No. 70-110)
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Anti-Centrin 1, Rabbit-Poly (Cat. No. 70-110)

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Anti-Centrin 1, Rabbit-Poly

Cat. No. 70-110

Store at -20°C

Size 100µg

Antigen- Human 

Host Animal- Rabbit

Cross Reactivity- Human

Application- IF, Western Blot 




Centrin 1 ( human; 172 aa, MW; 19,570) plays a fundamental role in microtubule organizing center structure and function. Centrins, also known as caltractins, are a family of calcium-binding phosphoproteins found in the centrosome of eukaryotes. Centrins are present in the centrioles and pericentriolar lattice. Human centrin genes are CETN1, CETN2 and CETN3. Centrins are required for duplication of centrioles. They may also play a role in the severing of microtubules by causing calcium-mediated contraction.

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