Anti-E2F1(pSer364), Phosphorylated, Mouse-Mono(#2)
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Anti-E2F1(pSer364), Phosphorylated, Mouse-Mono(#2)

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Anti-E2F1(pSer364), Phosphorylated, Mouse-Mono(#2)

Cat. No. 71-151

Store at -20°C

Size 50µg

Antigen- Human 

Host Animal- Mouse 

Cross Reactivity- Human 

Application- ELISA, Western Blot


Purification- Pu

Clone- 2

Class- IgG




E2F1 is a member of E2F group of proteins that share common structural and functional domains and plays a major role during the G1/S transition in the mammalian cell cycle as a transcriptional factor (1). E2F1 is regulated during cell cycle progression. It is phosphorylated at Ser364 by Chk2 kinase in response to DNA damage, stabilized, mobilized to nucleus and activated as a transcription factor (2). It induces apoptosis by activating transcription of the p53 homolog, p73 (3). E2F1 protein consists of 437 amino acids with a molecular mass of 46 kDa. 




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2. Stevens C et al “Chk2 activates E2F-1 in response to DNA damage”Nat Cell Bio1 5:401-409 (2003) PMID: 12717439

3. Irwin M et al “Role for the p53 homologue p73 in E2F-1- induced apoptosis”Nature 407:645-648 (2000) PMID: 11034215 

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