Anti-EAR2, Human, Mouse-Mono (N2025) (Cat. No. PP-N2025-00)
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Anti-EAR2, Human, Mouse-Mono (N2025) (Cat. No. PP-N2025-00)

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Anti-EAR2, Human, Mouse-Mono (N2025)
Cat. No. PP-N2025-00
Store at -20°C
Size 100µl
Antigen- Human 
Host Animal- Mouse
Cross Reactivity- Human/ Rat 
Application- ELISA, IHC, Western Blot 
Purification- Pu
Clone- N2025
Class- IgG



EAR2(ERBAL2, NR2F6) is a member of orphan nuclear receptor. No ligand has been reported. NAR2 transcribed as a 2.5kb mRNA. Expression is detected in fetal liver, placenta, heart, muscle and pancreas. No expression was detected in lung and brain. Interaction with the transcription factor CBFA2 reveals a negative regulator of granulocyte differentiation.


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