Anti-ER β, Human, Mouse-Mono (PPZ0506) (Cat. No. PP-PPZ0506-00)

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Anti-Estrogen Receptor β, Human, Mouse-Mono (PPZ0506) <Anti-ER β>
Cat. No. PP-PPZ0506-00
Store at -20°C
Size 100µl
Antigen- Human 
Host Animal- Mouse 
Cross Reactivity- Human 
Application- ELISA 
Purification- Pu
Clone- PPZ0506
Class- IgG



Estrogen receptor beta (ERb; NR3A2) is a member of steroid receptor. The natural ligand for ER is the classical estrogenic compound 17b-estradiol. ERb is expressed in granulosa cell layer of primary, secondary and mature follicles in the ovary, in bone, bladder, uterus, testis, epididymis, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, breast, heart, vessel wall, immune system, lung, pituitary, hippocampus and hypothalamus. Roles for ERb in the reproductive and cardiovascular systems have been reported, although these are the subject of conflicting reports. ERb has been postulated to act primarily as a modulator of ERa function. ERb has been shown to form homodimers as well as heterodimers with ERa. Both ERa and ERb can give rise to numerous isoforms.

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