Anti-HCV NS4a protein antibody, mouse monoclonal (S4-13)
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Anti-HCV NS4a protein antibody, mouse monoclonal (S4-13)

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Anti-HCV NS4a protein antibody, mouse monoclonal (S4-13)
Cat. No. 65-057
Store at -20°C
Size- 100µg
Host Animal- Mouse 
Clone- S4-13



Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a small (55-65 nm in size), enveloped, positive sense single-stranded RNA virus in the family Flaviviridae and the principal cause of parenteral non-A, non-B hepatitis. The virus genome consists of a single open reading frame of approximately 9,400 bases which encodes a single polyprotein of about 3,010 amino acids (1, 2, 3). The polyprotein is processed by host cell and viral proteases into four structural proteins (core, envelope1 and 2, and p7) and six non-structural proteins (NS2, 3, 4a, 4b, 5a, and 5b) necessary for viral replication. NS3 serine proteinase is responsible for proteolytic processing of other non-structural proteins. NS4a protein (54 amino acids) forms a comlex with NS3 and functions as a cofactor for NS3 protease activity



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*This antibody is produced and used in ref.4.

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