Anti-MUC1, Mouse-Mono(014E) <Anti-Mucin1> (cat no: FDV-0012B)

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Anti-MUC1, Mouse-Mono(014E) <Anti-Mucin1> 
Size: 25ul
Cat. No.: FDV-0012B
Storage:  -80°C

Anti-MUC1 antibody, specific to scirrhous stomach cancer

Monoclonal antibody for scirrhous stomach cancer
Anti-MUC1 Antibody (clone : 014E)

Anti-MUC1 (Mucin-1) antibody (clone : 014E) is a monoclonal antibody for tumor marker : Mucin-1, that can be used in immunohistochemistry.
Especially, this antibody is specific to scirrhous stomach cancer, which was difficult to detect before.

MUC1 (Mucin-1, also called PEM, PEMT or Episialin) a mucin-type glycoprotein is reported that they are associated with cancer progression and metastasis.
MUC-1 is expressed as hetero dimer of extracellular region (MUC1-N) and extracellular region - cell membrane penetrated region - cytoplasmic tail domain (MUC1-C).
MUC1-N has tandem repeat domain (O-glycosylated site) and cleavage sites, and MUC1-C has several splicing variants.

Most commercially available anti-MUC1 antibodies have been produced from MUC1-N or cleavage sites as immunogen, therefore sometimes it cannot detect MUC-1 depending on its cleavage or glycosylation status.
Clone : 014E is produced from common region among splicing variants in the cytoplasmic tail domain (CTD) of MUC1-C as immunogen. This makes it possible to detect various splicing variants, regardless of MUC-1's structure of extracellular domain.

* This antibody has been commercialized under a license from Kagoshima University.


  • Detects various splicing variants
  • Isotype : IgG1 kappa
  • Immunogen : Common Region in Cytoplasmic Tail Domain (CTD) of Human MUC1 (CRYVPPSSTDRSPYEKVSAG)
  • Reactivity : Human
  • Application : Immunohistochemistry (IHC-paraffin,1:2,500~1:5,000), Western Blotting (1:2,500~1:5,000)
  • Form : Ascites (Contained 50% glycerol. Preservative-free)

Example Data

Immunohistochemistry Staining

Fig.1 Immunohistochemistry Staining
Sample : Human stomach cancer (Adenocarcinoma Grade I)
Retrieval Method ; Heat-induced epotope removal; HIER (ph6.0 / 30 min)
Dilution : 1 : 2,500
Detection Reagent : ImmPRESS Reagent, Anti-Mouse Ig (Vector Laboratories, #MP-7402-15)
Chromogen : ImmPACT DAB Peroxidase Substrate (Vector Laboratories, #SK-4105)

Western Blotting

Fig.2 Western Blotting
Sample : 5 μg cell lysate in each lane
Dilutiuon : 1 : 2,500
Secondary Antibody : Anti-Mouse IgG, Goat-Poly, HRP (Kirkegaard & Perry Laboratories, #074-1516)
Chemiluminescence Substrate : SuperSignal West Pico (Pierce)
Detection : 1 minute exposure


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