Anti-Macrophage / Dendritic Cell, Rat, Mouse-Mono (RM-4)
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Anti-Macrophage / Dendritic Cell, Rat, Mouse-Mono (RM-4)

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Anti-Macrophage / Dendritic Cell, Rat, Mouse-Mono (RM-4)
Cat. No. KT014
Store at -20°C
Size 50µg
Antigen- Rat
Host Animal- Mouse
Cross Reactivity- Rat 
Application- IHC, Western Blot 
Purification- APu
Clone- RM4
Class IgG




This anti-rat macrophage/dendritic cells monoclonal antibody, RM-4, was produced by using a homogenate of silica-induced lung granulomas of rat as immunogen. Immunohistochemistry demonstrated that RM-4 is specific for rat macrophages and dendritic cell populations in various organs and tissues. In both cryostat sections and formalin-fixed paraffin sections, this antibody recognizes the antigen, of which molecular weight is 46kDa, presenting on the membrane of endosomes and lysosomes in macrophages and dendrictic cells. Thus, this antibody is very useful for not only in discriminating macrophage/dendritic cells from various cell populations but also in identifying endosomes and lysosomes.



1. Iyonaga K., Takeya M., Yamamoto T., Ando M., Takahashi K. (1997) A novel monoclonal antibody, RM-4, specifically recognizes rat macrophages and dendritic cells in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues. Histochem J. 29:105-116

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