Anti-Macrophage Saving Receptor A,Mouse-Mono(SRA-C6)
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Anti-Macrophage Saving Receptor A,Mouse-Mono(SRA-C6)

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Anti-Macrophage Saving Receptor A,Mouse-Mono(SRA-C6) <Anti-MSR-A><Anti-CD204>
Cat. No. KT118
Store at -20°C
Size 50µg
Antigen- Human 
Host Animal- Mouse
Cross Reactivity- Human
Application- IHC, Neut, Western Blot 
Purification- Pu
Clone- SRA-C6
Class- IgG




Class A macrophage scavenger receptor (MSR-A: CD204) was identified in the search for the receptor molecules that are implicated in the pathological deposition of cholesterol during atherogenesis through receptor-mediated uptake of modified low density lipoprotein (LDL). MSR-A possesses a wide range of ligand-binding specificities and recognize a variety of molecules such as modified LDL including acetylated LDL, oxidized LDL, advanced glycation end products (AGEs), polyribonucleotides such as poly G and poly I and bacterial surface lipids including lipopolysaccharide and lipoteicoic acid. This antidody was produced from the mouse immunized with recombinant protein of human type I MSR-A ,and has been proved to be useful for the western blotting and immunohistochemistry. This antibody also inhibits the endocytic degradation of acetylated LDL and oxidized LDL by high glucose-treated human monocyte-derived macrophages and has anti MSR-A neutralizing activity. This antibody is useful tools for the study of MSR-A in atherogenesis and various other pathological conditions.


Application Reference

1. Fukuhara-Takaki K., Sakai M., Sakamoto Y., Takeya M., Horiuchi S.: Expression of class A scavenger receptor is enhanced by high glucose in vitro and under diabetic conditions in vivo: one mechanism for an increased rate of atherosclerosis in diabetes.: J Biol Chem. 280(5): 3355-3364, 2005

2. Tomokiyo R., Jinnouchi K., Honda M., Wada Y., Hanada N., Hiraoka T., Suzuki H., Kodama T., Takahashi K., Takeya M.: Production, characterization, and interspecies reactivities of monoclonal antibodies against human class A macrophage scavenger receptors: Atherosclerosis, 161:123-132, 2002

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