Anti Pre-S1 antibody, mouse-mono-1 (Cat. No. BCL-AB-01)
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Anti Pre-S1 antibody, mouse-mono-1 (Cat. No. BCL-AB-01)

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Anti Pre-S1 antibody, mouse-mono-1
Cat. No. BCL-AB-01
Store at -20°C
Size- 100µg
Host Animal- Mouse 



Hepatitis B virus (HBV) expresses three types of surface antigens, i.e. S-, M-, and L-protein. L-protein is composed of S-, Pre-S2, and Pre-S1 region. The deletion of Pre-S1 region forms M-protein, and further deletion of Pre-S2 region results in S-protein. The Pre-S1 region is known to be the hepatic cell recognition site and to be important in the HBV infection processes. This product, anti HBV Pre-S1 antibody, is a monoclonal antibody that specifically recognize Pre-S1 region and can be used to detect HBV Pre-S1 region. This product provides useful tools in researches for HBV infection and other purposes. 

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