Anti-Rad18, Human, Rabbit-Poly (Cat. No. 023)
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Anti-Rad18, Human, Rabbit-Poly (Cat. No. 023)

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Anti-Rad18, Human, Rabbit-Poly

Cat. No. 70-023

Store at -20°C

Size 100µg

Antigen- Human 

Host Animal- Rabbit 

Cross Reactivity- Human 

Application- IF, IP, Western Blot





The Rad6-Rad18 pair of genes plays a critical role in post-replication repair of damaged DNA. Rad6 protein functions as an E2 enzyme and Rad18 as an ubiquitine ligase (E3) which ubiquitinates PCNA. Rad18 recruits translesion DNA polymerases to damaged DNA (ref 1~3). 


1. Miyase S et al “Differential regulation of Rad18 through Rad6-dependent mono- and polyubiquitination” J Biol Chem 280: 515-524 (2005) PMID: 15509568

2. Tateishi S et al “Dysfunction of human Rad18 results in defective postreplication repair and hypersensitivity to multiple mutagens” PNAS 97: 7927-7932 (2000) PMID: 10884424

3. Watanabe K et al “Rad18 guides poleta to replication stalling sites through physical interaction and PCNA monoubiquitination” EMBO J 23: 3886-3896 (2004) PMID: 15359278

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