Anti-Usp11, Rabbit-Poly (Cat. No. KG403)
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Anti-Usp11, Rabbit-Poly (Cat. No. KG403)

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Anti-Usp11, Rabbit-Poly

Cat. No. KG403

Store at -20°C

Size 25µg

Host Animal- Rabbit 

Cross Reactivity- Mouse

Application- IHC





Usp11 (ubiquitin specific peptidase 11) is possesses Cys box, His box, Asp and KRF domains, which are highly conserved in many ubiquitin-specific proteases. Usp11 is a ubiquitous protein in various tissues and is primarily localized in the nucleus of non-dividing cells. Usp11 binds specifically to RanBPM which is a RanGTP-binding protein required for correct nucleation of microtubles and inhibits its ubiquitination and degradation. It has been also shown that Usp11 is involved in regulation of the TNFα-induced IKKα→ p53 signaling pathway and that Usp11 functions in stabilizing HPV-16E7 by reducing ubiquitination and attenuating E7 degradation.

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