CloverDirect, Biotin-AF, amber (Cat. No. CLD2101)
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CloverDirect, Biotin-AF, amber (Cat. No. CLD2101)

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CloverDirect, Biotin-AF, amber (5×300μl translation)
Cat. No. CLD2101
Store at -80°C
Size- 5×300μl




CloverDirect TM tRNA Reagents for Site-Directed Protein Functionalization allow the incorporation of unnatural amino acids at defined positions of proteins using in vitro translation. Unnatural amino acids containing fluorescent groups, biotin, PEG, photo-crosslink, etc are available. Proteins with unnatural amino acids will be obtained within a few hours just by adding CloverDirect TM reagents and DNA template having an amber stop codon (UAG) or a four-base codon (CGGG) to an in vitro translation system. CloverDirect TM covers the following four applications. In addition, we provide custom services for the expression of proteins with unnatural amino acids.

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