CytoSeeing <Reversible Cytoplasm Blue> (Cat.No. FDV-0017)
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CytoSeeing <Reversible Cytoplasm Blue> (Cat.No. FDV-0017)

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CytoSeeing <Reversible Cytoplasm Blue>
Cat. No. FDV-0017
Store at -20°C
Size- 1mg

Reversible cytoplasm blue fluorescent dye


CytoSeeing is a newly developed fluorescent dye, which can stain cytoplasm promptly by just adding to culture medium. After observation, fluorescent dye can be easily removed by replacing medium which does not contain CytoSeeing.

This product is commercialized based on the research result of Hokkaido University Faculty of Science.



It is well known that morpholgy change of nuclear and cytoplasm are related to differentiation, function
and signal response of cells. Conventional cytoplasm staining dyes are used for cell tracking.
Therefore, once dyes are incorporated into cells, the dyes remain in cytoplasm even after medium change.
The dyes are diluted in the course of cell division, and disappear after 3 to 6 population doubling.
If dyes remained in the cells, it is difficult to observe the cell with other probes after live cell imaging.


CytoSeeing overcomes this conventional problem. CytoSeeing can be washed out by just replacing medium without containing CytoSeeing.



・ Easy protocol

   - Just add CytoSeeing to culture medium.

・ No staining on nucleus

・ Compatible with green and red fluorescent dyes

   - CytoSeeing can be detected by fluorescence filter for DAPI.

・ Little effect to cell function

・ Removable

   - Just replace with fresh medium without containing CytoSeeing. Cells can be used

      for further assays.

・ Compatible with both adhesive and suspension cells.


Comparison table


Staining Cytoplasm

Check nuclear morphology

Time of introduction





3 - 9 minutes


Company A



15 - 60 minutes


Company B



15 - 60 minutes



Product Information

・ Molecular Formula : C17H12N3

・ Molecular Weight : 258.1

・ Purity : >97%

・ No effect to cell function

・ Ex/Em (*1) :345 nm / 456 nm

・ Solubility : DMSO  (*2)

*1 : Compatible with DAPI filter.

*2 : 10 mM stock solution is recommended.


Protocol Overview

1. Culture cells

2. Add CytoSeeing solution to medium, with the final concentration from 10 μM to 50 μM.

3. Incubate for a few minutes.

4. Observe cells by fluorescent microscopy.

5. If needed, remove CytoSeeing by replacing with fresh medium (without containing CytoSeeing).

Example Data



Fig. 1 Multiple staining of Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) or Golgi Body

A549 cells are stained with ER probe (Magenta) or Golgi probe (Yellow) after staining by CytoSeeing (50 μM). CytoSeeing (Cyan) stains entire cytoplasm and fluorescence intensity is increased under hydrophobic environment such as in ER and Golgi Body.



Fig. 2 Incorporation and distribution of CytoSeeing in A549 cells by time course

a) CytoSeeing (10 μM) was added and incubated.  CytoSeeing was completely incorporated into cell by 9 minutes.

b) CytoSeeing incorporated cells were washed and incubated in fresh medium (without CytoSeeing)Almost CytoSeeing was removed in 30 minutes.



Fig.3 Emission Intensity of CytoSeeing in aqueous or organic solvent



Kamada, et al., PLOS ONE, 11:e0160625(2016).

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