Freeze-Crush Apparatus, short type (Cat. No. SK-100)
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Freeze-Crush Apparatus, short type (Cat. No. SK-100)

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Freeze-Crush Apparatus, short type (SK-Mill)
Cat. No.: SK-100
Size: 1 Kit


This apparatus has been developed for the purpose of crushing various frozen tissues easily.  The conventional methods is to crush tissues in mortar using liquid nitrogen, which are really
troublesome. In contrast, Our SK-Mill can now freeze-crush them easily. You can now prevent your samples from scattering and also from contamination because our
SK-Mill is designed to use disposable closed type plastic Sample Tubes. Improved efficiencies will speed up your entire process!

Example1: freezing-crushing of yeast

1.Culture yeast (S. cerevisiae) in YPD medium until exponential growth phase.
2.Collect fungi from 1ml culture in 2ml sample tube using centrifuge.
3.Then, freeze and crush them by SK MILL.
4.Eliminate fungal residue and recover nucleic acid by phenol extraction and ethanol precipitation.
5.Apply it to electrophoresis.

Example2 : RNA extraction from green leaves of rice

1.Cut green leaves of rice ( ca. 1 gram) into small pieces by scissors.
2.Then, freeze and crush them by SK MILL.
3.Extract RNA by CTAB ( cetyltrimethylammonium bromide) method.
4.Apply it to electrophoresis. 

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