Gel Pipette (cat no C1000-1CF)

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Product Name: Gel Pipette
Cat. No.:  C1000-1CF
Size:  1piece

Wonderful! Short shaft pipette for gel excision

              Funakoshi original

               "Gel Pipette" 



The "Gel Pipette" is designed for efficient gel excision by using our Funa-Gel Tip.

As the pipette's shaft is short, it is easy to target a band and handle in a narrow space,

such as the inside of imager.


Note : this "Gel Pipette" is designed for efficient gel excision.

Therefore this pipette is not calibrated. Not recommend to use

this pipette as 1,000 μL pipette or adjustable volume pipette.



• Easy to target a band

• Easy to handle in a narrow space



                  Regular Pipette                                                           Gel Pipette

 Difficult to target a band due to long shaft.         Easy to target a band thanks to short shaft.



                  Regular Pipette                                                           Gel Pipette

    Difficult to handle due to long shaft.                 Easy to handle thanks to short shaft.

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