Gelatin, M.W. : 100,000, High Grade (cat no: HMG-BP2)
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Gelatin, M.W. : 100,000, High Grade (cat no: HMG-BP2)

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  • Item #: HMG-BP2
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Gelatin, M.W. : 100,000, High Grade
Cat. No.: HMG-BP2
Size: 5g
Storage: RT


Low Endotoxin Gelatins from Porcine Skin

The supplier of this Gelatin, NIPPI , Inc. started the research of Gelatin since 1930s. NIPPI supplies low endotoxin gelatin derived from porcine skin. Concentration of endotoxin is extremely low (<10 EU/g), then immune system is not activated by this low endotoxin gelatin.


  • Low endotoxin (<10 EU/g)
  • Derived from porcine skin
  • Sterilized
  • Three products are available by Molecular Weight.
CodeSpecificationViscosityGelation ability
AP Low M.W (~8,000) Low Low
APAT Mid M.W (~60,000) Mid Mid
HMG-BP High M.W (~100,000) High High


  • Stabilizer for injection
  • Drug derivery systems
  • Tissue engineering

This product is for research use only.


NO production by Mouse Macrophage activated with LPS or Gelatin
MW spectrum of each Gelatin
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