HFDM-1 Medium <Synthetic medium for human fibroblast>
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HFDM-1 Medium <Synthetic medium for human fibroblast>

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HFDM-1 Medium <Synthetic medium for human fibroblast>

Cat. No. IFP0501
Store at 4°C,Dark Strage,Don't freeze
Size 500ml




A synthetic medium suitable for good in vitro growth of human normal fibroblasts. 
Basic medium components such as salts, amino acids, vitamins, saccharides, and trace metal elements were fine-tuned for in vitro growth of normal human fibroblasts. 
It contains human recombinant insulin and epidermal growth factor (EGF) as growth factors, and while it is a serum-free medium, it exhibits growth functions comparable to conventional serum-containing media. In addition, multiple passaging is possible. 

Its composition is clear and contains no animal-derived ingredients. 
At present, animal-derived components can not be denied the existence of unknown viruses, etc., and there is a risk of infection of cultured cells. In addition, there is also a problem with dealing with cells such as antigens derived from different animals. HFDM-1 medium does not contain any of these problematic animal-derived components. Production takes place in a facility that was based on quality control standards.

Main ingredient

Human recombinant insulin, human recombinant epidermal growth factor (EGF), dexamethasone etc.


This product is sold as a research reagent. Do not use in the manufacture of medicines, in the human body, in the diagnosis and treatment of animals.




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