LXR α, RCAS Kit, EnBio <EnBio RCAS for LXR α>
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LXR α, RCAS Kit, EnBio <EnBio RCAS for LXR α>

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LXR α, RCAS Kit, EnBio <EnBio RCAS for LXR α>
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Liver X receptor (LXR) is a member of the nuclear receptor (NR) family. NR is one of the transcription factors that regulate target gene expression. LXR plays an important role in regulation of cholesterol and fatty acid homeostasis, therefore, the study of chemicals bind to LXR is very useful for research of drug screening. LXR has two subtypes, LXRα and LXRβ.  LXRα is expressed in restricted  tissues such as liver, kidney, intestine, fat tissue and macrophages, whereas LXRβ is ubiquitously expressed. 
 NR activation before gene expression consists of 3 steps.  Step1: Ligand binding to NR induces conformational change of NR  Step2: Coactivator is recruited to NR-ligand complex  Step3: Other transcriptional factors are recruited to NR-ligand-coactivator complex Competitive binding assay detects only the ligand-binding to NR, whereas RCAS detects NR-ligand-coactivator complex. Therefore you can predict the characteristic of your test samples more accurately using this RCAS kit.

This Receptor Cofactor Assay System (RCAS) kit is sensitive and rapid in vitro assay. It is to be used for screening of natural extracts and synthetic chemicals for potential nuclear receptor ligands.

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