(MonoSpin Ph (Cat No. 501021734)
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(MonoSpin Ph (Cat No. 501021734)

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MonoSpin Ph
Cat No. 501021734
Size 100Pieces


MonoSpin is a SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) column featuring GL Sciences' unique monolithic silica technology (monolith). This product is designed for

small volume sample preparation by centrifuge. GL Sciences’ monolith silica technology has low-pressure, high-flow, and low-liquid-retention

properties, making it uniquely suited for handling small volume samples.



Easy and Rapid

- 10 minutes procedure

For pretreatment of small sample volume
- Can be used for 50 – 800 μL of sample

Wide variety of functional groups
- C18, -NH2, Amide, TiO, etc...

Two sizes
-S type (short type) and L type (long type


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