Scaffold(Plate ) φ13mm (for 24 well) (Cat. No. LG-PL013)

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Scaffold(Plate ) φ13mm (for 24 well)
Cat. No. LG-PL013
Store at 4°C
Size- 12pieces



GC scaffold is a biodegradable material for the paradigm of stem cell and tissue engineering. It is a PLGA (poly DL-lactic acid glycolic acid (LA : GA = 75 : 25, Mw = 120,000)) based product with validated biocompatibility. 

・Good wettability is suitable for growth and differentiation of stem cell.
・Transparent property make enable to observe with a optical microscope.
・Easy to isolate of total RNA from cells. (soluble in phenol.)
・Compatible with 24 well microplate.

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