b-Block-w, for western blot (cat no: BCL-BKBW-01)

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Cat. No.:  BCL-BKBW-01
Size: 500ml
Storage:  4°C

Blocking Solution.
b-Block:BSA-based. Good for many applications.

b-Block / h-Block / k-Block / c-BlockBlocking Solutions for Western Blot and ELISA

Finding the appropriate blocking solution is an important factor in obtaining optimal data in Western Blot and ELISA. 
The four different types of blocking solutions we offer--c-Block / h-Block / k-Block / b-Block-- facilitate the selection of an appropriate solution. 
The blocking solutions for ELISA are designed for the long-term storage of pre-coated plates.

c-Block / h-Block / k-Block / b-Block


    • Ready-to-Use
    • Optimized blocking solution for Western Blot and ELISA
    • Pre-coated ELISA plate can be stored for several months.

    • b-Block : BSA-based blocking solution. Good for various applications.
    • h-Block : Casein-based blocking solution. Good for various applications.
    • k-Block : Degraded casein-based blocking solution. Shows consistent performance in various applications.
    • c-Block : 100% chemically defined components. Protein free. Best for Western Blot and antibody-detecting ELISA.

  • Trial set : Composed of all of the above four solutions. Good for screening the most suitable blocking solution for your work.

Recommendations for screening best blocking solution

For Western Blot

  • To get higher signal (accept some background increase) : k-Block or c-Block
  • To reduce background (accept some decrease of signal) : b-Block or h-Block
  • To use as a standard blocking : h-Block or b-Block
  • To detect a phospho-protein : c-Block or b-Block


  • Antigen-detecting ELISA
    - Direct method : c-Block b-Block or k-Block 
    - Sandwich method : k-Block b-Block or h-Block
  • Antibody-detecting ELISA
    - Direct method (detect antibody captured by pre-coated antigen) : c-Block b-Block or k-Block 
    - Sandwich method : k-Block b-Block or h-Block


Comparison of blocking solutions

Fig. 1 Comparison of blocking solutions
M : Marker / SM : 5% Skim Milk / kB : k-Block / hB : h-Block / bB : b-Block / cB : c-Block

Sandwich ELISA Data

Fig. 2 Sandwich ELISA Data

Stability data of pre-coated plate

Fig. 3 Stability data of pre-coated pla

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