k-Block-e, for Elisa (cat no: BCL-BKKE-01)

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Cat. No.:  BCL-BKKE-01
Size: 500ml
Storage:  4°C

Blocking Solution.
k-Block:degnatured casein-based. Shows stable results in many applications.

b-Block / h-Block / k-Block / c-BlockBlocking Solutions for Western Blot and ELISA

Finding the appropriate blocking solution is an important factor to get a best data in Western Blot and ELISA. 
Four different types of blocking solutions : c-Block / h-Block / k-Block / b-Block make this works easy. 
Moreover, the blocking solutions for ELISA are desinged to long-term storage of pre-coated plate.

c-Block / h-Block / k-Block / b-Block


    • Ready-to-Use
    • Optimized blocking solution for Western Blot and ELISA
    • Pre-coated ELISA plate can be stored for several months.

    • b-Block : BSA-based blocking solution. Good for various applications.
    • h-Block : Casein-based blocking solution. Good for various applications.
    • k-Block : Degraded casein-based blocking solution. It shows consistent performance in various applications.
    • c-Block : 100% chemically defined components. Protein free. Best for Western Blot and antibody-detecting ELISA.

  • Trial set : Composed of all the above four solutions. Good for screening of most suitable blocking solution in your work.

Recommendations for screening best blocking solution

For Western Blot


  • To get higher signal (accept some background increase) : k-Block or c-Block
  • To reduce background (accept some decrease of signal) : b-Block or h-Block
  • Using as a standard blocking : h-Block or b-Block
  • Detecting a phospho-protein : c-Block or b-Block



  • Antigen-detecting ELISA
    - Direct method : c-Block b-Block or k-Block 
    - Sandwich method : k-Block b-Block or h-Block
  • Antibody-detecting ELISA
    - Direct method (detect antibody captured by pre-coated antigen) : c-Block b-Block or k-Block 
    - Sandwich method : k-Block b-Block or h-Block


Comparison of blocking solutions

Fig. 1 Comparison of blocking solutions
M : Marker / SM : 5% Skim Milk / kB : k-Block / hB : h-Block / bB : b-Block / cB : c-Block

Sandwich ELISA Data

Fig. 2 Sandwich ELISA Data

Stability data of pre-coated plate

Fig. 3 Stability data of pre-coated pla

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